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The Kilian BIOhof







About The Kilian BIOhof

We moved to New York state to start our family and live off the land. Our home, The Kilian BIOhof, is a NY Beef Quality Assurance Program (BQA) and NY State Grown certified, USDA organic farm in upstate New York that we have been running since 2011. We are raising black Angus cross cattle in a cow-calf operation, and grow our own organic hay and produce (garlic and potatoes). Our cattle are 100% grass fed and our farm is BOA and NY grown certified.

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Available products

USDA-Organic Butcher-Ready Cattle

For Freezer Beef (whole / half / quarter)

USDA-Inspected All-Natural Assorted Cuts of Beef / lb



Other Produce

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Contact Us for Delivery or find our products at Nature’s Storehouse — 21 Main St Canton, NY 13617

Why We Choose Organic

We love living the farm life and growing our own farm operation. It’s important to us to teach our daughter where food comes from and what goes into raising clean food following organic standards, how to be respectful to the animals and sustainably live off the land, as well as understand the sweat and long hours involved in farming.

We purchased our farm in 2011, moving from overseas to start our small, organic operation. Our farm previously was a USDA organic dairy farm that we have been slowly cleaning up and rebuilding to improve operation for overall easier and smoother processing. We are aiming for a rotational grazing system to better serve both our cows and the land.

We raise NOFA-NY certified, USDA organic, grass-fed beef and grow our own produce. All of our cattle are born on the farm. For safety reasons, and to ensure high quality genetics in our herd, we use artificial insemination (AI). In accordance with USDA organic regulations, we never use any antibiotics or hormones. Our cows are outside 365 days a year, never locked up in a barn.

We are a small operation, primarily one-woman’s work. It is a challenge but also a learning and teaching opportunity for our daughter: you can achieve your goals even when the process is challenging, the end result will be rewarding.

We believe that food is healthier when it is grown locally by a small organic, sustainable farm. Our style of farming is less stressful for the animals and healthier for both the land and the environment, but providing local organic products is challenging in this because of the limited availability of certified USDA-organic butchers and processing facilities.

We sell our finished steers certified USDA organic for wholesale and freezer beef (whole, half, and quarters), as well as processed USDA-inspected, all-natural beef products directly from our farm or local stores (currently at Nature’s Storehouse in Canton). Delivery to the local area is available.

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Contact us for delivery

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Food is healthier when it is grown locally!